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./cornell is a Command Line Interface for Cornell-related things. It currently can fetch info about dining halls (including menus!), classes, computer labs and search people by name or netid.

some gif of how to use the thing so people know.

Getting Started

  1. This CLI requires Node.js 8 or later. You can see what version of node you're running by executing:

    node --version
  2. If you don't have Node, or it's not version 8 or later, get the latest version with Homebrew (MacOS), nvm (MacOS, Linux) or directly from their website (all platforms).

  3. Once you have Node 8 or above, install it with:

    npm install -g cornell


  1. I put together this install script a while back. It shold get you all set up. Run it from your terminal:

    curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mrkev/cornell/master/lib/install.sh | bash


Wait but why

  1. You already have 42 tabs open and don't want to kill those page-tables just to find a place to eat.

  2. You're in bash all day anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. You want to tmux and cron and grep for dayz.

  4. To up your vintage game, duh.

Any more questions?

Ask me about it